Leica TCRP 1201+ R1000 GPS 1200 RX1250TC

Year 2008 Leica TCRP 1201+ R1000 Total Station GPS smart antenna system1200 and RX1250TC complete


Leica TCRP 1201+ R1000 Total Station GPS smart antenna system 1200 and RX1250TC complete set. Year 2008, used condition and still in excellent, Everything is has been checked / tested Ready to work, is in full working order plus includes the case & accessories

Package Includes:

GPS smart antenna system 1200

  • 1X Leica TCRP 1201+ R1000 with dual dispay and Keyboard, standard software on board: survey, stake out ecc + reference line
  • 1X RH1200 Radio Handle
  • 1X prisma GRZ 360 122

GPS system 1200

  • 1X Leica GPS ATX1230 GG, standard software on board: survey, stake out, determinate coord system ecc + reference line
  • 1X Field controller RX1250TC
  • 1X GEV 173
  • 1X GHT 56


  • 1X GEB221 7.4v 3.8 Ah
  • 3X GEB211 7.4v 1.9 Ah
  • 1X GEB71 12v 7 Ah
  • Charger 1X GKL221 rechargeable batteries + 5 pole cable external batteries

Hard carrying case

Leica TPS1200 Total Stations, High performance Total Station

Packed with exciting new features, built for speed, accuracy, ease-of-use and reliability. Leica TPS1200 Total Stations carry out even the most complex tasks, better and more efficiently than ever before. And, best of all, they combine perfectly with GPS.

  • Superb measurement technology: High accuracy angle measurements and precise long-range distance measurements backed by automatic fine pointing and fast, reliable reflector location. You work faster, more precisely and more relaxed.
  • Easy to operate: Intuitive interface, powerful data management, on-board routines and programs: all easy to use and identical for TPS and GPS.
  • Large graphic display: Easy viewing of entire surveyed area and immediate access to all measured data. You see exactly what you’ve done and what you’ve still to do
  • Totally flexible: Configure and program TPS1200 in the way you want, for your applications, for the way you work and for the data output you require.
  • A complete series: TPS1200 total stations cover a range of models and options. Select the ones that suit you best
  • Use TPS1200 for everything: Use TPS1200 total stations for surveying, engineering, stakeout, topo, monitoring etc. Combine them with GPS. Benefit from huge productivity of System 1200

Leica TPS1200 Exceptional performance and outstanding features

  • Fast, precise, long-range EDM: Coaxial, high-accuracy EDM with various measuring modes. 3 km range to a single prism. 
  • PinPoint-reflectorless EDM: Coaxial visible red laser with sensational range (up to 500m) and very small spot. Measures to building corners and inaccessible objects. Two range options: R100 and R30.
  • Radio Handle: Transfers data instantly between TPS1200 and remote control unit. Powered by TPS1200 plug-in battery.
  • Plug-in Li-Ion battery: Small, light, high-capacity Lithium-ion battery powers TPS1200 for hours and hours.
  • Bluetooth integrated: Wireless transfer of data to PDA's and cell phones
  • High-tech angle measurement: High-accuracy continuous angle-measuring system. Choice of accuracies from 1 to 5 seconds
  • Endless drives: For fast, comfortable operation and precise pointing
  • Well-designed keyboard: Clear, logical arrangement with alphanumeric, function and user-definable keys.
  • Touch screen: Gives instant access to all functions without using the keyboard. 
  • Laser plummet: Centers TPS1200 easily, quickly and exactly
  • Guide Light (EGL): Practical alignment aid for stakeout; helps rodman to line up reflector quickly and exactly.
  • Automatic Target Recognition (ATR): Automatic fine pointing to prism. Speeds up measurements and improves productivity. 
  • PowerSearch (PS): Fast rotating laser fan finds reflector quickly and ATR fine points. Valuable aid for all types of work; perfect for remote control surveys.
  • High contrast graphic display: Large, bright display with perfect clarity and contrast. Excellent graphics and easy to read whether in fading light or bright sunshine.
  • 360° reflector: No orientation required; surveying and stakeout are easier and quicker.
  • Wide range of ccessories: Can also be used for GPS1200 and other Leica equipment.
  • GPS1200: TPS and GPS use exactly the same format and data management. Transfer cards from one to the other and keep on working.
  • Leica Geo Office: Software support package for TPS and GPS with tools and components for import, visualization, conversions, quality control, processing, adjustment, reporting, export etc
  • CompactFlash cards: High capacity, reliable data storage. Ideal for data transfer.
  • Internal memory: High capacity, reliable internal memory.
  • Various models and options: TPS1200 total stations cover a range of standard and motorized models and various exciting options. Select the ones that suit you best.
  • Remote Control Unit: Controls TPS1200 via radio modem. Surveyor with reflector carries out the entire survey by himself. Saves manpower.
  • Plug-in Li-Ion battery: Small, light Lithium-ion battery powers remote control unit and integrated radio.

Leica TPS1200 Extremely powerful Yet very easy to use

TPS1200 is loaded with a multitude of features and functions to meet the many different needs of users all over the world, yet it is remarkably easy to use. TPS1200's graphical operating concept is selfexplanatory and guides you straight to what you need. You can use the default settings or, if you prefer, you can set TPS1200 to operate, display and output data in exactly the way you require. When you use TPS1200 you'll find that everything is very easy to understand. Even better, TPS1200 and GPS1200 are fully compatible with the same. CompactFlash cards, data management, displays and keyboards. Depending on the jobs you do, you can change easily from TPS to GPS and continue working in exactly the same way.

  • Status icons: Indicate the current measurement and operation modes, recording and battery status, instrument  settings etc
  • Definable function keys: Allocate commands, functions, displays etc (whatever you like) to those keys for immediate access
  • Configurable user menu: Set up your own user menu for the way you and your crews operate. Show what you need and hide the rest
  • Quick settings key: For toggling PinPoint, ATR, LOCK, EDM tracking etc. ON or OFF. Quick changes save time
  • QWERTY keyboard: The remote control unit has a standard QWERTY keyboard layout for fast, easy input of alphanumeric data and information
  • Program menu: Direct access to all loaded application programs, such as Survey, Setup, Stakeout etc. and optional application programs.
  • Large graphic display: 1/4 VGA high-resolution LCD, easy to read in any light. Display and keyboard light up for work in the dark
  • Second keyboard/display: If required, TPS1200 can be fitted with a second keyboard and display for operating in face II
  • Touch screen: The touch screen provides immediate access without using the keyboard. You can view data and information related to points and objects and call up all types of functions directly via the screen. Use the touch screen and/or the keyboard, whichever you prefer



Angle measurement Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Distance measurement (IR) Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
PinPoint reflectorless dist. measurem. (RL)   Y Y     Y Y
Motorized     Y Y Y Y Y
Automatic Target Recognition (ATR)       Y Y Y Y
PowerSearch (PS)         Y   Y
Guide Light (EGL) Y Y Y   Y Y Y
Remote Control Unit / RadioHandle Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
GUS74 Laser Guide       Y   Y  
SmartStation (ATX1230) Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

Y = Standard
Y = Optional


  Type 1201 Type 1201 Type 1202 Type 1203 Type 1205
(standard deviation, ISO 17123-3)
Hz, V 1’’ (0.3 mgon) 2’’ (0.6 mgon) 3’’ (1 mgon) 5’’ (1.5 mgon)
Display resolution: 0 .1’’ (0.1 mgon) 0 .1’’ (0.1 mgon) 0 .1’’ (0.1 mgon) 0 .1’’ (0.1 mgon)
Method absolute, continuous, diametrical        
Compensator Working range: 4’ (0.07 gon) 4’ (0.07 gon) 4’ (0.07 gon) 4’ (0.07 gon)
Setting accuracy: 0.5’’ (0.2 mgon) 0.5’’ (0.2 mgon) 1.0’’ (0.3 mgon) 1.5’’ (0.5 mgon)
Method: centralized dual axis compensato


(average atmospheric conditions)
Round prism (GPR1): 3000 m
360° reflector (GRZ4):  1500 m
Mini prism (GMP101):  1200 m
Reflective tape (60 mm x 60mm) 250 m
Shortest measurable distance: 1.5 m
Accuracy / Measurement time
(standard deviation, ISO 17123-4)
Standard mode: 2 mm + 2 ppm / typ. 1.5 s
Fast mode: 5 mm + 2 ppm / typ. 0.8 s
Tracking mode: 5 mm + 2 ppm / typ. < 0.15 s
Display resolution: 0.1 mm
Method Phase measurement (coaxial, invisible infrared laser


(average atmospheric conditions)
PinPoint R100: 170 m / 100 m (Kodak Gray Card: 90% reflective / 18% reflective)
PinPoint R300: 500 m / 300 m (Kodak Gray Card: 90% reflective / 18% reflective)
Long Range to round prism (GPR1): 1.5 m
Long Range to round prism (GPR1):Long Range to round prism (GPR1): 1000 m – 7500 m
Accuracy / Measurement time
(standard deviation, ISO 17123-4)
(object in shade, sky overcast)
Reflectorless < 500 m: 3 mm + 2 ppm / typ. 3-6 s, max. 12 s
Reflectorless > 500 m: 5 mm + 2 ppm / typ. 3-6 s, max. 12 s
Long Range: 5 mm + 2 ppm / typ. 2.5 s, max. 12 s
Laser dot size At 20 m: approx. 7 mm x 14 mm
At 100 m: approx. 12 mm x 40 mm
Method PinPoint R100: Phase measurement (coaxial, visible red laser)
PinPoint R300: System analyzer (coaxial, visible red laser)


Maximum speed Rotating speed: 45° / s
Range ATR mode / LOCK mode
(average atmospheric conditions)
Round prism (GPR1): 1000 m / 800 m
360° reflector (GRZ4): 600 m / 500 m
Mini prism (GMP101): 500 m / 400 m
Reflective tape (60 mm x 60mm): 55 m (175 ft)
Shortest measurable distance: 1.5 m / 5 m
Accuracy / Measurement time Positioning accuracy: < 2 mm
Measurement time 3 – 4 s
Maximum speed (LOCK mode) Tangential (standard mode): 5 m / s at 20 m, 25 m / s at 100 m
Radial (tracking mode): 4 m / s
Method Digital image processing (laser beam)


Range Round prism (GPR1): 200 m
(average atmospheric conditions) 360° reflector (GRZ4): 200 m (perfectly aligned to instrument)
  Mini prism (GMP101): 100 m
  Shortest distance: 5 m
Search time Typical search time: < 10 s
Maximum speed Rotating speed: 45° / s
Method Digital signal processing (rotating laser fan)


(average atmospheric conditions) Working range: 5 m – 150 m
Accuracy Positioning accuracy: 5 cm at 100 m


Magnification: 30 x
Free objective aperture: 40 mm
Field of view: 1°30’ (1.66 gon) / 2.7 m at 100 m
Focusing range: 1.7 m to infinity
Keyboard and Display  
Display: 1/4 VGA (320*240 pixels), graphic LCD, illumination, touch screen (optional)
Keyboard: 34 keys (12 function keys, 12 alphanumeric keys), illumination
Angle display: 360° ’ ’’, 360° decimal, 400 gon, 6400 mil, V% 
Distance display: meter, int. ft, int. ft/inch, US ft, US ft/inch
Position: face I standard / face II optional
Data storage  
Internal memory: 32 MB (optional)
Memory card: CompactFlash cards (32 MB and 256 MB)
Number of data records: 1750 / MB
Interfaces: RS232, Bluetooth
Circular Level  
Sensitivity: 6’ / 2 mm
Laser plummet  
Centering accuracy: 1.5 mm at 1.5 m
Laser dot diameter: 2.5 mm at 1.5 m
Endless drives  
Number of drives: 1 horizontal / 1 vertical
Battery (GEB221)  
Type: Lithium-Ion
Voltage: 7.4 V
Capacity: 3.8 Ah
Operating time: typ. 6 – 8 h
Total station:  4.8 – 5.5 kg
Battery (GEB221): 0.2 kg
Tribrach (GDF121): 0.8 kg
Environmental specifications
Working temperature range: –20°C to +50°C
Storage temperature range: –40°C to +70°C
Dust / water (IEC 60529): IP54
Humidity: 95%, non-condensing


Communication via integrated radio modem
Control unit Display: 1/4 VGA (320*240 pixels), graphic LCD, touch screen, illumination
Keyboard: 62 keys (12 function keys, 40 alphanumeric keys), illumination
Interface: RS232
Battery (GEB211) Type: Lithium-Ion
Voltage: 7.4 V
Capacity: 1.9 Ah
Operating time: typ. 10 h
Weights Control unit RX1220: 0.6 kg
Battery (GEB211): 0.1 kg
Reflector pole adapter: 0.25 kg
Environmental specifications Working temperature range: –30°C to +65°C
Storage temperature range: –40°C to +80°C
Dust / water (IEC 60529): IP67
Waterproof (MIL-STD-810F): temporary submersion to 1 m