Leica TS06 3" Total Station

Leica TS06 3” Total Station sale, Like new, has been tested calibrated by authorized Leica, set up ready to working order condition


Leica TS06 3” Reflectorless Total Station Dual Display Complete kit. Perfect and still like new, Tested and works, used for a single project by one owner. lot of applications

Leica TS06 3” Total Station Sale includes;

  • Leica TS06 3” Total Station
  • GDF111-1 Tribrach
  • 2x GEB211 Battery
  • GKL211 Charger
  • GEV189 Data-Transfer-Cable
  • GMP111-0 1 Mini prism Set
  • User Manual
  • Carry Case
  • Calibration Certificate

List of applications:

  • 767937    FlexLine ”Survey” app
  • 767938    FlexLine ”Stakeout” app
  • 767939    FlexLine ”Station Setup” app
  • 767940    FlexLine ”Reference Line” app
  • 767942    FlexLine ”Tie Distance” app
  • 767943    FlexLine ”Area & Volume” app
  • 767944    FlexLine ”Remote Height” app
  • 767945    FlexLine ”Construction” app
  • 767946    FlexLine ”Height- Transfer” app
  • 767947    FlexLine ”Hidden Point” app
  • 767948    FlexLine ”Offset” app
  • 767949    FlexLine ”Check Tie” app
  • 767950    FlexLine ”Quick Coding” app
  • 765312    FlexLine ”COGO” app
  • 765313    FlexLine ”Reference Plane” app
  • 765314    FlexLine ”Road 2D” app
  • 765315    FlexLine ”Reference Arc” app
  • 772222    FlexLine ”Plane Offset” app


Leica FlexLine TS06 Total Station Flexibility that counts For complete flexibility, a Total Station that is ready for any challenge.Designed for mid accuracy applications. As standard, an alpha-numerical keyboard and a complete set of application software is included. For additional flexibility, a wide range of options ensures that you can always count on your TS06 Total Station. Whether you measure to prisms, or prefer direct measurements to objects, the choice is always yours. A selection of EDM options delivers exactly what you need. With a FlexLine TS06 Total Station you can be sure that you’re fully equipped with the flexibility that you can count on.

The Leica FlexLine TS06plus represents today's most used type of manual total station in the mid-range market. It provides a wide range of standard features making operation simple. FlexLine plus total stations are built to the highest Swiss Technology quality standards. The Leica FlexLine TS06plus manual total station is ideal for many daily surveying tasks, especially for mid- to high-accuracy applications. Banking on the heritage of the previous TS06 model, the most successful of the Leica FlexLine Series, the FlexLine TS06 plus is the newest ultimate total station.

Bluetooth and USB Option
  • Bluetooth cable-free connection
  • USB memory stick for flexible data transfer (GSI, DXF, ASCII, LandXML, CSV)
  • Mini-USB for fast data transfer

Alpha-numerical Keyboard

  • Rapid entry of numbers, letters and special characters
  • Minimizes errors
  • Enhances productivity
Angular Accuracy
  • 2”, 3” or 5” angular accuracy
  • Quadruple axis compensation to guarantee accurate and reliable angle measurement

Real features, true benefits

  • USB Stick for fast and easy transfer of data
  • Wireless Bluetooth for cable-free connection to data logger
  • Electronic Guide Light for faster stake-out
  • FlexField plus Modern and intuitive on-board software for higher productivity
  • Useful tools a range of tools, such as a trigger key and laser plummet, speed up your work
  • PinPoint EDM
    • The most precise in its class (1.5 mm + 2 ppm)
    • Extremely fast (1 second)
    • > 1,000 metres without prism
    • Coaxial laser pointer and measurement beam
  • Alpha-numerical keyboard fast and error-free input
  • Large high-resolution display at-a-glance viewing on the largest high-resolution display in its class
  • Arctic version for use at –35°C (–31°F)
  • mySecurity Unique theft protection locking mechanism

Top precision, speed and efficiency
The claim ”easy-to-operate” seems to be everywhere. Whether this promise can be kept only becomes apparent in the practice. Because professional measurement experts were involved in its development, the Leica FlexLine TS06plus allows you to work quickly and effectively right from the first day

Electronic Distance Measurement
Wherever high-distance measurement accuracy is required, you can face the challenge of this demanding task with the TS06plus. It provides the most accurate Electronic Distance Measurement.

Prism Mode

  • Precision+ (1.5 mm + 2 ppm)
  • Speed (1 second)

Non-Prism Mode

  • Precision (2 mm + 2 ppm)
  • PinPoint EDM with coaxial, small laser pointer and measurement beam for accurate aiming and measuring
  • Fewer set-ups required, because targets on which it is not possible to set up a reflector can be measured using reflectorless measurement up to 1,000

The Leica FlexLine TS06plus communication side cover enables cable-free connection to any data collector via Bluetooth, for example the field-controllers Leica CS20 controller or Leica CS35 tablet with Captivate software. The USB-stick enables the flexible transfer of such data as GSI, DXF, ASCII, LandXML and CSV

Built-in user friendliness: The full alpha-numerical keyboard.
The Leica TS06plus standard built-in alpha-numerical keyboard enables fast and easy entry of numbers, letters and special characters, e.g. for coding. It increases the work speed while at the same time reducing possible sources of error.

FlexField plus on-board software: Easy-to-use due to its graphical guidance and intuitive workflows

Leica Geosystems – mySecurity gives you total peace of mind. If your instrument is ever stolen, a locking mechanism is available to ensure that the device is disabled and can no longer be used.

Download Leica FlexLine TS06 Total Station.pdf

Download Leica FlexLine TS02 TS06 TS09 Quick Quide.pdf

Download Leica-FlexLine-TS02 TS06 TS09-User-Manual.pdf

Download Leica_FlexLine_TS06plus_Brochure.pdf