Digitrak Falcon F5 HDD Receiver

Sale Digitrak Falcon F5 HDD Horizontal Directional Drilling Receiver in excellent great working conditions


Sale Digitrak Falcon F5 HDD Horizontal Directional Drilling Receiver in excellent great working conditions

The high-performance Falcon F5 tackles complex jobs with active and passive interference using the most advanced toolset available. With unseen interference sources, Sub-k rebar capabilities and the option of integrated iGPS options, this F5 locator for sale is the perfect transmitter location system to help your team with the most difficult of drill rig jobs. Purchase the Falcon Digitrak F5 Locator, today.

Product Features

Maintain depth and data readings through interference sources including traffic signal loops, overhead power, and concrete with rebar.

  • Unseen interference sources
  • Active Interference Analysis
  • Frequency Optimization (125 ft depth/150 ft data range)
  • Sub-k rebar capability
  • Ball-in-the-Box guidance technology you already know
  • Log-While-Drilling (LWD)
  • DigiTrak DataLog Management (DDM)
  • Integrated iGPS (optional)

The Falcon F5 is an extension of the classic F5 locating system. DCI's revolutionary Falcon technology minimizes the effects of active interference (noise) on the jobsite with a single wideband transmitter. The Falcon F5 combines this new technology with everything a professional contractor values in DCI's flagship F5 locating platform, including superior ease of use, updated DataLogÒ software, and fluid pressure monitoring.

Active Interference: Interference is one of the primary obstacles to completing HDD projects and can impair the accuracy of underground depth measurements. The ability of a locating system to perform well in interference has become a crucial factor in maintaining crew productivity and completing jobs on time.

Not All Job Sites are Created Equal: Interference varies between jobsites. The frequency at which the transmitter operates is the single most important factor affecting the performance of a walkover locator, and therefore your ability to get the job done.

Falcon Innovation: As a leader in the HDD industry, DCI has taken an innovative approach to tackling active interference. The Falcon F5 receiver measures jobsite noise and clearly displays several bands of the quietest transmitter frequencies to select from. Choose two of the quietest bands and complete more HDD projects at greater depths in the noisiest environments.

How Does DigiTrak Falcon F5 Work?: Using the F5 receiver's familiar menus and navigation, the Falcon frequency optimizer scans for noise between 4.5 kHz and 45 kHz. Upon completing the scan, the receiver displays a simple chart that depicts the noise levels across several bands. Select the two quietest bands and pair with the Falcon wideband transmitter. In areas with varied interference, switch between bands to stabilize data readings and complete the bore. For extreme interference, engage Max Mode for maximum performance.

Ease of Use: Falcon F5 combines Falcon technology with the features you have come to rely on from DCI's flagship F5 locating system, including a bright color screen, simple toggle-click menu navigation, fluid pressure data, and Roll Offset. Advanced features include Target Steering, DataLog, and Bluetooth communication. DCI’s patented Ball-in-the-Box™ visualization of the transmitter still provides real-time status of the bore and keeps your job on track. All backed by world-class customer support.

Digitrak Falcon F5 HDD Receiver Specifications:

Receiver Specifications
Product ID FF5
Model Number FAR5
Receiving frequencies 4.5–45.0 kHz
Telemetry channels 4
Telemetry range defined by remote display
Power source Lithium-ion battery pack
Battery life 8–12 hrs
Functions Menu-driven
Controls Trigger and toggle switches
Graphic display Full-color LCD
Audio output Beeper
Operating temperature -4 to 140° F
Accuracy ±5%
Voltage 14.4 VDC nominal
Current 390 mA max
Dimensions 11 x 5.5 x 15 in.
Weight (with battery) 8.5 lb
Transmitter Specifications
Product ID FT5p
Model number BTP
Transmitting frequencies .4.5–45.0 kHz
Pitch resolution ±0.1% at level
Data range 125 ft
Depth range 100 ft.
Battery life up to 20/70 hrs alkaline/SuperCell
Voltage 1.2–4.2 VDC nominal
Current 1.75 A max
Weight (without batteries) 1.7 lb
Length x diameter 15 x 1.25 in.
Aurora Touchscreen Display Specifications
Product ID/Model number AF10
Power source - cabled 10–28 VDC
Current 2.1 A maximum
Controls 10.4 in. touchscreen
Graphic display LCD
Audio output Speaker
Telemetry range 1800 ft.
Telemetry channels 4
Operating temperature -4 to 140° F
Dimensions 11.5 x 9.3 x 2.3 in
Weight 6.4 lb