Everest VIT PXLM630B VideoProbe Borescope

GE Everest VIT PXLM630B VideoProbe Borescope Inspection Camera complete kit


Product Description

GE Everest VIT PXLM630B VideoProbe Borescope Inspection Camera
PXLM630B VideoProbe Stereo measurement also included new spare lamp, Magic Arm Clamp, Rigidizer Tube and Gripper

6 mm (0.234 inch diameter) videoprobe and 3 meter, (9.5 feet) in length.

Condition: lightly used, excellent like new condition, 180 degree in all directions, the insertion tube has no scuffs or dings or impressions.
Everything is has been checked / tested Ready to work, is in full working order plus includes the case & accessories
unit is already calibrated by factory in March 2014, so calibration is good for 5 years.

Excellent for all large commercial engine inspections.  If you have to navigate 360 degrees around the engine like on a GE CF6, this is the length that is needed.

2 stereo measurement tip adapters with EXTRA:
- 2 closeup tips, (one black forward view and one blue side view)
- 1 red tip for very close sideview inspection.
So there are a total of 5 tip adapters

Additional accessories:
The base unit with the flash drive and a memory card for recording images and video.
A Rigidizer and Gripper which is a plus for holding the scope.
New Spare lamp
3 additional tip adapters with the 2 measurement tips.
Instruction Guide
Case with pull-up handle.

Actually everything you need is added to this kit.