Leica ScanStation 2 HDS Laser Scanner

Leica ScanStation 2 HDS 3D Laser Scanner System Complete. Year 2009, very good condition, everything is has been checked, tested ready to work


Product Description

Leica HDS Scan Station 2 3D Laser Scanner for sale, Year 2009, very good condition, used only by one owner. Basic software (Cyclone Scan, Cyclone Model, and Cyclone Register) included

Everything is has been checked, tested ready to work, is in full working order plus includes the case & accessories. The scanner works great and has minimal wear. Lens very clean fully working order.

Leica HDS Scan Station 2 sale includes:

  • 1X Leica HDS Scan Station 2 3D Laser Scanner
  • Cyclone Scan, Cyclone Model, and Cyclone Register
  • 3X twin target assembly
  • 1X long range target assembly
  • 2X additional long range targets
  • Carrying case
  • Wireless Connection
  • All cables and power cords

With HDS Software Software plays a critical role in handling and viewing high-definition point clouds effectively and aids in the speedy extraction of deliverables. The HDS Software Family's complete range of application-specific and industry-relevant Cyclone, CloudWorx, and TruView modules has made working with point clouds easier and more efficient than ever before.

Leica ScanStation 2

A New Level of Versatility and Speed in Laser Scanners

With a 10-times boost in maximum instantaneous scan speed and the full freedom and accuracy of a total station, Leica ScanStation 2 has lifted laser scanning to the next level.
This speed and productivity boost builds on the already industry-leading versatility of the ScanStation class of laser scanner to make High-Definition Surveying (HDS) profitable for even more as-built and topographic survey projects

A New Level of Speed and Productivity
For many as-built and topographic surveys, laser scanners have already proven to significantly reduce field labor compared to traditional methods. ScanStation 2’s jump-step increase in pulsed scan speed further slashes these costs – field labor is now as little as one-fifth of that of traditional meth-ods for many projects.

Dramatically faster scanning also lets users:

  • Collect data in tighter time windows
  • Reduce time spent in hazardous locations
  • Provide project results faster
  • Collect even more complete data
  • ”Squeeze in” additional service requests from clients

A New Level of Versatility for Laser Scanning

  • Infrastructure: ScanStation 2 extends the benefits of safe, cost-effective road surveys from urban and multi-lane roads & intersec- tions to 2-lane roads & intersections.
  • Sites: Using ScanStation 2 for topographic surveys of small sites and sites up to hundreds of acres cuts initial survey costs and reduces site re-visits.
  • Buildings: Small buildings and tall buildings can be cost-effectively surveyed, both inside and out. Digital photos can be overlaid for added realism.