Topcon 3D-MC MAX Dual Antenna Machine Control Kit

Topcon 3D-MC MAX Dual Antenna Machine Control Kit for sale, been tested and serviced by Topcon authorized, guaranteed ready to working order with the dozer


Topcon 3D-MC MAX Dual Antenna Machine Control Kit for sale, all units has been shop tested, serviced and calibrated by the Topcon authorized. The TOPCON put the all the equipment on their test rig and all controls and tracking satellites is working correctly and works flawlessly with Topcin working standard.

Equipment includes;

  • 1X Topcon GX-55 Display with Automatics Enabled, 3DMC Software, 3D GradeMax
  • Topcon MC-R3 Dual Antenna Receiver with Mounting Bracket
  • Topcon Digital UHF II 450-470 Internal Radio
  • 2X Topcon PG-S3 Antennas
  • 2X Topcon MC2+ IMU Sensors
  • 1X Radio Antenna w/ Mag Mount
  • 1X Topcon Transport Case


A revolutionary dozing system, 3D-MCMAX delivers the highest productivity dozer solution for any rough or fine grading application. 3D-MCMAX uses two of our industry leading IMU sensors, both the body and blade sensor will keep the blade cutting edge on grade for any application. This system was built to keep you productive on any jobsite providing maximum speed, maximum control, and maximum performance.

The 3D-MCMAX system uses two Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) that enable you to blade faster and smarter, without the need of a mast. The increased response time with our two IMU's working together enables you to make tighter turns, cut smoother grades, and expand your work potential beyond normal automated dozing applications.

3D Dozing

  • Single or dual antenna configurations
  • Support for 4-way, 6-way, and pitch control blades
  • Eliminates the need for GNSS mast
  • Superior performance for any rough or fine grading job site application
  • Increased blade response
  • Accurate as-built date for volume and productivity reporting


Slim and trim - a clear path ahead
The power of the system lies within the two IMU sensors. These robust and highly precise sensors work together with ruggedized cab-mounted antennas conveniently placed in a secure location on the machine. This intelligent design gives the operator unobstructed visibility and the flexibility to doze at full throttle on any surface, under objects, or while in reverse.

Any application, anywhere
The 3D-MCMAX system can be used for fine grading applications such as those traditionally done by motor graders. Once finished rough grading, quickly transition to finish grading and get the job done faster with your dozer. The two IMU sensors working together keep the blade as close to the surface as possible, delivering a smooth and consistent pass for any slope.

Outperform the field with the 3D-MCMAX system. It takes advantage of every movement made when the machine is in motion and allows you to cut finish grade while driving in reverse at high speeds. The results – a substantial increase in your productivity.


3D-MC machine control software

The GX-55 control box is intuitive and modern, our machine control software seamlessly drives all components in the 3D-MCMAX system.Visualize your every movement and have the integrated LED light bars guide you when you’re on grade.

No two excavating jobs are the same. Why should you be stuck with one setup for your excavator?

MC-Max Excavator powered by the MC-X Platform keeps you in the cab and in control with the right configuration for whatever your projects throw at you.


Rapid blade response technology
Built tough for any environment, the IMU sensors mounted on the body and blade deliver update rates to the system keeping the blade on grade at high speeds.



Intuitive control box
The robust design of the GX-55 control box is delivered in a lightweight, compact aluminum housing – complete with integrated LED light bars, a graphical interface and fast data processor




Versatile motion control interface
The MC-R3 is an interchangeable receiver with integrated boards for GNSS, radio, and controller to receive RTK corrections as well as drive valves of the machine.


Fence Antenna technology
Conveniently mounted on the cab of the machine, the MC-G3 antenna captures all available GNSS satellite signals while identifying and rejecting signal noise - for ultimate grade control





Supply Voltage 9 to 32 VDC
Ports RS-232/485
CAN (J1939 compatible)
Housing Powder coated cast aluminum
Connectors 10-Pins Box Mount, Threaded
Weight 1 kg
Dust/Water Rating IP67
Supply Voltage  9 to 32 VDC
Ports 2x USB
2x CANBus
2x Digital inputs
Display Panel 640x480 Color VGA, enhanced brightness with analog touchscreen
Operating System Windows® CE
Operating Temp -40°C to 70°C
Weight 1.26 kg with backbpack
1 kg without backpack
Supply Voltage  10 to 30 VDC
Channels 144
Digital UHFII
Ports RS-485
2x Millimeter GPS
External modem
2x CAN
2x Ethernet
I2C for Smart Knob
SIM Card (optional)
Shock 50G 11ms 1/2 sine wave each axis
Dust/Humidity IP66

Download Topcon 3D MC MAX Brochure.pdf