Topcon Hiper XT Machine Control

Very good condition Topcon GPS Hiper XT RTK Machine Control Grader Dozer scraper complete kit


Topcon GPS Hiper XT RTK Machine Control Grader Dozer scraper, Excellent working condition complete GPS Hiper XT Base and Rover manufacture years 2007
Used condition by one owner, still in very good condition, everything is has been checked / tested Ready to work, is in full working order plus includes the case & accessories

Everything you need for a gradesetter and one machine i.e. (blade, dozer, scraper). Includes 2 FC100's. One FC100 has Pocket 3D and one does not!!! Control Box, Antenna and Mag Box are in very good condition. Control box and Antenna near new condition. Mag Box shows some types of normal wear, but is still in very good condition.

Complete GPS jobsite setup. Topcon GPS system for motorgrader, dozer, scraper. System is in good condition with little signs of wear

HiPer XT Machine Control

At the heart of this new system is Topcon’s new XT (eXtended Technology) system design. This new receiver design provides a user with two forms of RTK communication all inside one compact, lightweight housing. The HiPer XT incorporates both a transmit and receive 2-watt UHF radio & an optional cellular modem. The HiPer XT GPS system for land surveying and construction layout includes fully integrated receiver/antenna units with a long-range UHF radio. It provides up to four miles of coverage. HiPer XT is based on the company's 112GT GPS system. It has dual-frequency, dual-constellation RTK GPS+ tracking. It also has an optional external SIM card slot and integrated Bluetooth technology.

The HiPer XT is based on Topcon's new 112GT GPS system board featuring faster processing, improved multipath mitigation, enhanced power management and up to 128 MGb of on board RAM. It incorporates dual-frequency, dual-constellation RTK GPS+ tracking enabling access to both GPS and GLONASS satellites. The result is less downtime due to limited satellite access or obstructed sky views, and increased precision.

Other features of the HiPer XT include an optional integrated external SIM card slot that offers the user a choice of cellular communication services. Integrated Bluetooth technology enables cable-free wireless communication with field computers. Receiver / antenna units are user-configurable and can function as either base or rover. Streamlined, rugged housings provide maximum weather protection for communication ports and internal electronics.


  • Completely cable free base & rover or rover & rover RTK GPS System
  • World's First UHF Transmit & Receive system with built-in cellular modem
  • Dual constellation (GPS+GLONASS) satellite positioning technology
  • 40 channel all-in-view signal tracking ability
  • Industry leading 20Hz fast update rate
  • Upgradeable receiver options through simple computer codes

Download Topcon_HiPerXT_Brochure.pdf