Topcon GR-5 Base Rover FC-25

Lightly used Topcon GR-5 Glonass UHF dual Base Rover with FC-25 Data Collector complete kit, fully functional, been serviced and calibrated by Topcon authorized


For sale Topcon GR-5 Glonass UHF Dual Base Rover with FC-25 Data Collector, fully functional, bee shop tested, serviced and calibrated by Topcon authorized, performed all upgraded and compliance with Topcon working standards and works flawlessly

Very lightly used year 2013, only used a few times by one owner and has been very well taken care of. Everything is has been checked / tested Ready to work, is in full working order plus includes the case & accessories

Package includes:

  • 2X Topcon GR-5 base and rover activated: GPS RTK GLONASS UHF
  • RTK speed 10Hz update, advanced multipath reduction
  • Coop tracking, all communication ports activate
  • Internal radio 450-470Mhz base and rover UHF
  • Internal GSM modem cellular
  • Topcon GR-5 base kit including: chargers, batteries, cables, plus 2 Meter Fixed Height Tripod.
  • Topcon GR-5 rover kit including: chargers, batteries, cables and 2 meter Carbon Fiber Rover Rod
  • Topcon FC-25 Data controller Bracket and stick

Topcon GR-5 with Vanguard Technology

The latest GR-5 features the multi-constellation 226-Channel Vanguard GNSS chip with Universal Tracking Channel Technology. The GR-5 also includes Topcon's patented Fence Antenna Technology design which offers a compact and lightweight antenna that covers the entire GNSS frequency band for unmatched performance. With Vanguard, Fence Antenna, and Topcon's advanced acquisition algorithms, the GR-5 receiver delivers the most robust GNSS tracking performance available.

The GR-5 with Vanguard Technology Features:

  • 226-Channel Vanguard Technology with Universal Tracking Channels
  • Advanced Fence Antenna Technology - monitoring and unmatched performance, RTK technology sophisticated high precision position updates to 100 Hz
  • Multiple communication options for job site versatile
  • 32 GB SDHC storage suppo
  • Dual hot-swappable batteries
  • G3 tracking technology (GPS / GLONASS / GALILEO)
  • Integrated Dual Communication System with multiple Radio cell combinations
  • MAGNET software compatible

Full sky, all-in-view satellite tracking

The GR-5 features the multi-constellation 226-channel Vanguard GNSS chip with Universal Tracking Channel Technology. This patented technology uses flexible and dynamic tracking methods to automatically select and track any available satellite signal enabling Topcon’s users to receive the maximum number of signals and measurements at any given time.

The GR-5 is not only capable of receiving signals from the fully operational GPS and GLONASS constellations, but also has the ability to support all planned signals from developing systems such as Galileo, Beidou (BDS) and QZSS. With current and developing satellite constellations, Universal Tracking Channel Technology optimizes GNSS signal tracking to guarantee maximum satellite geometry and availability.

Topcon’s patented Fence Antenna design brings superior signal reception and advanced multipath rejection in difficult environments. This technology provides a more robust and cleaner signal tracking which means unparalleled results. With Vanguard Technology, Universal Tracking Channel and the Fence Antenna, the GR-5 is designed to deliver ultimate field performance even in challenging environments while maintaining unmatched accuracy, speed of initialization and fix reliability for RTK solutions.

GPS L1, L1C*, L2, L2C, L5
Galileo E1, E5a, E5b, AltBOC
BeiDou B1, B2
QZSS L1 C/A, L1C*, L3, L2C
Number of channels 226-Channel Vanguard Technology with Universal Tracking Channels
Antenna Type Integrated Fence Antenna Technology with ground plane
Accuracy (RMS)**
RTK H:5 mm + 0.5 ppm
V:10 mm + 0.8 ppm
Static H:3.0 mm + 0.1 ppm
V:3.5 mm + 0.4 ppm
Optional radio type Integrated UHF/FH915
Base radio output 1.0 W, user selectable
Optional cellular Integrated HSPA/CDMA
I/O Communications Class 2 Bluetooth USB and Serial
Data and Memory
Memory Removable SD/SDHC
Data update / Output rate 1 Hz - 50Hz selectable
Realtime Data Output TPS, RCTM 2.x, 3.x, CMR. CMR+
ASCII Output NMEA 0183 version 2.x and 3.0
Enclosure Dust and water ingress protected magnesium I-Beam housing
Operating Temp -40C to 70C
Shock Rating 2 m pole drop to concrete IEC 60068-2-29, IEC 60068-2-27
Vibration Rating Compliance with MIL_STD 810F - 514.5 - CAT.2.4