Topcon MC-R3 Machine Control

Topcon MC-R3 Machine Control for sale with Topcon GX-60, been tested, serviced and calibrated by Topcon authorized, ready to working and works flawlessly with Grader Dozer Paver Excavator


Topcon MC-R3 Machine Control for sale with Topcon GX-60, very lightly used in excellent fully functional and ready to working order and works flawlessly with Grader Dozer Paver Excavator. All gears have been serviced and calibrated by authorized Topcon to ensure reliability and accuracy with Topcon working standards.

Sale includes;

  • Topcon MC-R3 Machine Control with mag mount
  • Topcon GX-60 - the World's easiest-to-use operator's interface
  • Topcon GX-60 Control Box Display
  • Topcon PG-A3 GPS GLONASS Antenna with mast mount, Sensors, Cables-radio, coil and power, Joystick controls, etc

Topcon GX-60 control box includes:

  • 512 Mb Internal Compact Flash Drive
  • 650 MHz Intel CPU
  • Windows XP Operating System
  • USB, Ethernet, RS-485, CAN, and RS-232 ports
  • Sealed Housing with Gore Tex Vent
  • Audio Speaker
  • Internal Backup Battery
  • Ambient Light Sensor for Sharp Contrast on the Display
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology


Topcon MC-R3 is the heart of Topcon 3D GPS+ System, the MC-R3 contains all receivers, radios, and controllers in a single tough housing. A built-in MINTER panel provides status lights and function keys for easy performance verification and system checks. The MC-R3 also features an ethernet port, robust processing power, and additional valve drivers for the widest array of machine compatibility. Developed specifically for machine control applications, the MC-R3 Controller combines the latest GNSS receiver technology, wireless modems, several communication port options, and System Five valve controller into one robust unit


  • Most advanced GLONASS and GPS dual frequency RTK satellite tracking system
  • Advance Multipath Reduction (AMR)
  • In-band Interference Rejection (IBIR) option
  • Compliance with CMR and RTCM industry standard
  • Flash download capability (application code revisions in the field)
  • Seven bi-color LED indications for satellite tracking and status
  • System Five Controller
  • Ethernet and RS-232 and RS-485 serial connection to GPS receivers and valve controller board
  • Valve Drivers
  • SIM card slot for use with optional GSM radio modem
  • Rugged housing form OEM and aftermarket applications

Topcon MC-R3 Machine Control Technical Specifications

Supply Voltage 10-30 VDC
Supply Current 3A typical operating current
18.5A Max
3mA at 24V typical leakage current
1.5mA at 12V
Emissions Applicable regulation: EN55022: 2006
30-230MHz 40.0dB (mV/m)
Max at 10m
230-1000MHz 47.0dB (mV/m)
Max at 10m
Immunity Applicable regulation: EN55024: 1998
A1: 2001/A2: 2003
ESD: +/-8KV
RF: 80-1000MHz 3 V/m
Fast transient: +/-.5KV capacitively coupled
RF common mode: 3V 150kHz to 8MHz (80% 1kHz AM)
Output Power 10A max for sensors
8A max for valves
12V/500mA max for external radio modem
Ports 1 ea. Topcon proprietary RS-485 port for sensors
1 ea. RS-232 dedicated port for Graphic Management
Unit (GMU)
2 ea. RS-232 dedicated ports for Main and Aux GPS
2 ea. RS-232 dedicated ports for mmGPS
1 ea. RS-232 dedicated port for external modem
2 ea. CAN ports
2 ea. Ethernet ports
1 ea. I²C port for Smart Knob
1 ea. SIM card (optional) - EDGE compatible
Housing Powder-coated, cast aluminum
Note: See Envelope Dimensions section
Connectors 2 ea. DRC23-40P Deutsch high density connector,
gold plated contacts, plastic housing, unique keyed
2 ea. Type N for GPS (optional)
1 ea. RP-TNC for radio (optional)
1 ea. TNC for LPS (optional)
Switches Logic control: Hi = On, Low = Off
LEDs 1 ea. CAN
1 ea. Sensor
1 ea. Controller
1 ea. Auto
1 ea. Radio Modem
1 ea. Main GPS Receiver
1 ea. Aux GPS Receiver
Note: See LED Status section
Cooling 1 ea. internal fan
Weight 7.5 lbs
Operating Temperature -20°C to +60°C
Ingress Protection IP-66
Shock Test 50G 11ms 1/2 sine wave each axis
Salt Spray Test MIL-STD 810F
Vibration Test 10-400Hz sweep 5G RMS
Four valve outputs (2 bidirectional hydraulic cylinders)
Proportional Current Programmable dither, 0-112Hz, 0-25%
0-5A in 16 scale settings
Sink or source operation
Proportional  Pulse Width Modu-lated 244-1700 Hz programmable
Programmable dither, 0-112Hz, 0-25%
Programmable current limit
Sink or source operation
Servo Valve Mode Programmable current limit
Sink or source operation
Solenoid (On/Off) Mode 2-14Hz Programmable current limit
Sink or source operation
Danfoss 50% available voltage as neutral
> 50%=Raise, < 50%=Lower
Programmable dither, 0-112Hz, 0-25%
External reference option

Topcon 3D-MC2 combines the Topcon GX-60 control box, GNSS antenna, MC-R3 receiver and a revolutionary inertial sensor and pairs them with an advanced control software to provide an overall system 10 times more responsive than previous 3D machine control systems. This configuration measures movement and rotation in all directions to provide the most stable and responsive automatic control system available in the market.

Topcon GX-60 Control Box Display

Light and compact with a full-color LCD screen, Topcon's GX-60 is a fully functioning Windows computer that provides the operator with real-time grade information and control.  Bluetooth, Ethernet, and USB ports provide communication access between the control box and external devices, providing quick access to save and download files. The GX-60 – was originally introduced by Topcon Positioning Systems as a component in Topcon’s X63 indicate system for excavators. The unique control box has since been made available for other 3D-GPS+ systems on dozers, graders, scrapers, and compactors.

Now, coupled with the new MC-R3 GNSS controller, the new components are integral to Topcon’s 3D-MC2 technology. The revolutionary 3D-MC2 technology can increase dozer speed for grading up to 200 percent, the company announced at the show.

The GX-60, 50 percent lighter than previous control boxes, operates with a 650 MHz Celeron™ single-board computer. The Windows® XP operating system and internal flash drive provide fast computing power for large job files.  Other features include sealed membrane power on/off buttons, Bluetooth™ wireless technology (the only Bluetooth control box in the market), and a front-access USB port with dust cover.

It is also smaller in size, making it easier to install in tight machine cabs. Additionally, it has more computing power than the previous models, larger design files, has fast 3D contour loading and improved cut/fill mapping.
The GX-60 is designed with a vivid color display with automatic brightness control that provides operators with a clearly visible display of important grade control information, said Steve McCain, TPS machine control product manager.
He said the MC-R3 is a multi-constellation-capable receiver and has increased controller power that makes control such as the 3D-MC2 possible. It also has an optional removable magnet mount for easy switching from machine to machine.

The unit also has built-in integrated cellular and digital radio technology.

The GX-60 and the MC-R3 replace Topcon’s 9168 control and MC-2.5 controller respectively.

Download Topcon-MC-R3-Technical-Data-Sheet.pdf