Trimble R8 Model 3 Base Rover TSC3

Trimble R8 Model 3 Base Rover for sale, complete with Trimble TDL-450 35 Watt Radio and TSC3 ACCESS Software, in excellent condition and ready to go to survey


Product Description

Used Trimble R8 Model 3 GNSS RTK Base and Rover for sale with TDL 450 and TSC3. This Complete Trimble R8 model 3 Base and Rover RTK system is lightly used year 2012, in excellent very good condition and ready to go to survey.

The TSC3 is very good condition as well with no signs of use and screen is almost perfect. TSC3 comes with ACCCESS software. Comes with Trimble TDL-450 35 watt external radio. This system will work 1 to 3 miles with the internal 2 watt radio. Everything has been shop tested by certified Trimble service to be in good working order.

This Trimble R8 model 3 have 450Mhz to 470Mhz radios. Both receivers can receive or transmit off their internal radios (work ½ mile to 1 mile with internal .5 watt radio).

Trimble 35 watt TDLH-450 External radio comes complete with radio, Antenna, Extension Pole kit and cables to power base R8M3 and digital radio

Package Includes:

Trimble R8 Model 3 Base

  • 1X Yellow Trimble Transport Case ”NEW”
  • 1X 60158-66 R8GNSS  Recvr. ( BASE ) ”USED”
  • 1X 6” Rubber Duck Antenna ”NEW”   
  • 1X 6” Pole Extension ”NEW”
  • 1X 5119-00 Fixed Height Tripod ”USED”
  • 1X 5302-10-ORG Wood/ Fiberglass Tripod ”USED”
  • 2X 46607 Lithium ion Batteries ”NEW”

Base Radio

  • 1X Black TDL Shipping Case ”USED”
  • 1X TDL450H  UHF Base Radio System ”USED”
  • 1X 51870-50-70 TDL450H Antenna ”USED”   
  • 1X 56654 TDL Base Antenna Cable ”NEW”
  • 1X 56659 TDL Download Cable  ”NEW”
  • 1X 66656 TDL Radio to Receiver Comm Cable ”NEW”
  • 1X 44482-00 Radio Antenna Mast  w/ Washer and Bag ”USED”
  • 1X C02104 TDL Power Cable ”NEW”

Trimble R8 Model 3 Rover

  • 1X 60158-66 R8GNSS  Recvr. (ROVER) ”USED”
  • 1X 6” Rubber Duck Antenna ”NEW”
  • 2X 46607 Lithium-Ion Batteries ”NEW”
  • 1X Seco Data collector Bracket (2pcs) ”NEW”
  • 1X 18532 Download cable ”NEW”
  • 1X EGL-Z2001 TSC3 USB Cable ”NEW”
  • 1X 5125-00 Fixed Height Rod ”NEW”
  • 1X 5217-04-FLY Thumb Release Bipod ”NEW”
  • 1X TSC3101-001 TSC3 Data Collector w/Softcase (Trimble Access) ”USED”
  • 1X 82752-00 TSC3  Charger “NEW”   
  • 1X MCH-1821DP Empire Dual Lithium-Ion Charger ”NEW”
  • 1X 24253-46 UHF Whip Antenna 450-470 MHz ”NEW”
  • 1X 22720-02 2 Meter Radio Antenna Cable ”NEW”
  • 1X 2133-03 Radio Antenna Bracket Assembly ”NEW”
  • 1X 32960 DB9/F to 7 Pin Lemo Cable ”NEW”
  • 1X 82756-00 TSC3 Screen Protectors (15 Pack) ”NEW”
  • 1X 77504-01 Stylus Pen (2 Pack)”NEW”