Nokta Golden King DPR Plus 3D Gold Detector

Nokta Golden King DPR Plus 3D Gold detector for sale


Product Description

Nokta Golden King DPR Plus 3D Gold detector. Nokta is the only 3D detection system on the market today with the ability to locate and identify Gold targets!

Golden King Detector DPR's unique software and hardware provide a complete analysis of target signals. Every underground object has some level of surface effect on it which sometimes is so small for older and ordinary systems to detect.

Golden King Detector DPR+ allows you to analyze even the smallest details. You will experience the pleasure of having the most advanced technology at hand and you will be able to carry your searches and investigations without missing a clue.

Package includes:

  • Systems Box: Contains all electronics with 7” TFT screen
  • Deep Search Head: Strong high-impact ABS non-twist plastic 24”X39”
  • General Detection Head Hi-Impact Non-Twist ABS plastic 14”X17”
  • Electronic Shaft (Joystick) with arm rest and stand
  • Camera with full capacity for daytime and nighttime use to 100 Ft. (30Mt.)
  • Gas Sensor: Safety factor for Methane Gas in caves, Crevices, Tunnels, etc.
  • Headphones: Full Sound with volume control. Padded headband for comfort
  • Lithium-ion battery: Lighter, longer lasting performance
  • Universal AC Wall Charger, 100 to 240 Volts, 50 and 60 Hz, includes USA adapter
  • Car Charger 12 Volts
  • Leather carrying harness for System Box
  • Cordura Nylon carrying bag, double zipper, reinforced carrying handle (For Deep Search Head)
  • Cordura Nylon carrying bag for all equipment