Trimble R8 Model 2 Base Rover TSC2

For sale Trimble R8 Model 2 GNSS RTK Base and Rover with TSC2, used still in very good condition


Trimble R8 Model 2 GNSS RTK Base and Rover with TSC2, lightly used year 2010, everything still in very good condition, all gears has been shop tested, serviced and calibrated by Trimble authorized, ready to working order plus includes the case & accessories

Package includes:

  • 1x R8 GNSS Tx/Rx 450-470 MHz receiver
  • 1x R8 GNSS Rx 450-470 MHz receiver
  • 1x TSC2 with Survey Controller Software and bracket
  • 2x Tribrach
  • 2x Adaptor Full package of chargers (internal batteries, TSC2, External Battery)
  • 2X hard carrying case

Trimble R8 Model 2 GNSS System

Trimble R8 Model 2 GNSS System is a multi-channel, multi-frequency GNSS receiver, antenna, and data-link radio combined in one compact unit. 72 Channels L1/L2/L2C/L5/WAAS/EGNOS/SBAS. The Trimble R8 combines advanced receiver technology and a proven system design to provide maximum accuracy and productivity.

Trimble R8 Model 2 Controller TSC3 Access GNSS system’s flexible communication options include:

  • An internal 450 MHz radio option for use as a cable-free base station
  • An internal GSM/GPRS option for Internet connectivity and use as a rover in a Trimble VRS network

Simply choose the Trimble R8 model that best suits your needs. The original integrated surveying solution and Beyond The Trimble R8 GNSS system is designed to support Trimble’s original Integrated Surveying solution . Combine your GPS and optical data in one job file in powerful Trimble field software such as Trimble Survey Controller.

Transfer the job file seamlessly to your Trimble office software for processing. The Trimble R8 can also be used as part of a Trimble IS Rover. Simply add a prism to the rover pole and partner the Trimble R8 with a robotic optical system such as the Trimble S6 Total Station. This integrated solution enables you to maximize the best of both surveying techniques for even greater efficiency in the field. Whenever you’re facing a new surveying challenge, your partnership with Trimble places the right tools and techniques, including GNSS technology, at your fingertips.